JB Exteriors, Inc. expanded our business in 2009 to meet the demand for reliable seamless gutter installation in Whatcom County. We offer on-site forming of 5” gutters in aluminum, steel and copper in a variety of colors. Removal and disposal of existing gutters and installation of gutter screens are also available.

What makes us stand out from the competition? The same thing that our siding business has been built on for years: quality and customer service. We know that communicating with our customers is important to creating a good experience. If you call us, we WILL call you back. One of the advantages of using a small, family-run business like ours is that the owner works on each and every job. It's a great way to ensure that we are consistent and accurate.

If you are in need of a repair or all new gutters and downspouts, give us a call at 360-820-3535 for a free estimate. We get a very high percentage of the jobs we quote - give us a try!

To download a chart of available gutter colors, please click here: